Virtual Saturday Art and Design Club - 25th April - 27th June

Pathways are running a new online Saturday Art and Design club from 25th April – 27th June and we would like to extend an invite to you!

Our new online Saturday Art and Design club is an exciting opportunity to pursue your interests in art and develop your skills and portfolio further

Each of the weekly online sessions will be led by our two artists; Matt and Pete and you will create your very own fashion label. Over ten Saturday morning classes, you will use a range of different art techniques to develop your brand. You’ll be encouraged to share your progress through photos, videos and online interactions. We will then pull all your resources together for an online exhibition you can share with friends, parents and teachers.

If you submit an online application before 13 April, we will send out all the materials and resources you need to your house ahead of the sessions. Applications received after 13 April will be encouraged to use materials and resources that should be available at home (paper, pencils, Biro pens etc.)

As part of the programme we will help you explore creative careers, future education routes and give you lots of resource to help you pursue your interests.

This opportunity is completely funded by Pathways – this includes the cost of all classes and any materials we are able to post. There are a limited amount of spaces available (30)

If you would like to take part, please complete the online booking form on the right.

For more information please email


After that session, I am thinking about University. I wasn’t before. I’m more confident now.
Year 10 Opportunity Participant